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Staré Hobzí (Althart)

Just 7.6 kilometers northeast of Slavonice, south of Dacice and west of Jemnice is located on the hill above the Moravian area at 530 m above sea level the municipality Staré Hobzí. In the center stands a striking building - our baroque castle.

This area got its name for its specific natural and climatic conditions. In winter there is more snow here and it is also colder, the overall character of the landscape and the plants is almost like in the mountains. The name Canada also has another reason: it's about a perfect and wild landscape that has not experienced any disturbing civilization interventions.

Staré Hobzí (Althart) is located in the "Bohemian Canada". This is the name of an area in the south of the Czech Republic, on the historical border between Bohemia, Moravia and as well as Austria at the same time.

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